Wood Art

Steam Bent Wood

Upper Arlington, OH. (Fall 2015)

Sweet Aroma

Attendee at the 2011 Ohio State Fair, Fine Arts Exhibit

A depiction of a scented candle flame, aroma, and glow


Attendee at the 2012 Ohio State Fair, Fine Arts Exhibit

My wife named it “Syrinx” after a nymph in Greek Mythology . Legend has it that Pan changed her into a reed because she rejected his romantic advances. He did give her a song that you are supposed to be able to hear when the wind blows through the reeds.


Bent Wood Art for Sale


Beauty from Ashes $750.00 Ascending Grace $750.00 Eternal Flame $780.00

Ascending Grace and Eternal Flame were attendees at the 2016 Ohio State Fair, Fine Arts Exhibit



          Little Sweet Aroma  $435.00             Broken Heart   (sold)                 



Broken Dreams (sold)                            Blaze (sold)                    


Wall Flower $210.00  Nurture 800.00



       Pleasing Form (Gallory of Echos 2016) $1000.00



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